Identifying users for digital support

Any council that wants to support the digital learning of its residents must identify the ways it can make the most impact. Crucial to this is the identification of potential users.

Creating a Digital Champions network

Digital Champions help to reach the digitally excluded in their communities by advocating the benefits of digital, signposting people to free resources, and supporting people to access training. Here’s our guide to setting up a scheme in your area.

Creating a digital inclusion guide

As part of our ongoing commitment to help Croydon residents stay connected, we have produced a series of three user friendly guides designed to help them get online. Have a look, and post your examples!

Overcoming the challenges of providing devices to residents

In Croydon we’ve worked hard to overcome the challenges of getting residents online. We’ve provided devices and internet connections to vulnerable people, and those facing financial difficulties. Here’s a summary of what we’ve learned so far – please add your thoughts in the comments.

Tablet lending schemes

A tablet lending scheme like the one set up by 100% Digital Leeds can be a way to help individuals and organisations overcome the barrier of access to devices and connectivity.