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RoundupDigital Inclusion News – June 2024

With election campaigns in full swing, what should a new government focus on? And how do party manifestos perform?

3 min readJune 27, 2024

RoundupDigital Inclusion News – May 2024

What can we learn from place-based digital inclusion projects? This special May roundup looks at new academic research from the British Academy on the topic.

3 min readMay 27, 2024

RoundupDigital Inclusion News – April 2024

Campaign on digital inclusion for over 65s. Plus annual reports from Manchester and Leeds.

3 min readApril 26, 2024

About this toolkit

About this toolkit

When people do not have access to the internet or to computers and mobile devices, they become digitally excluded.

This toolkit is a collaborative resource for local councils and other organisations tackling digital exclusion. Find out how to improve digital access and inclusion in your communities.

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