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RoundupDigital Inclusion News – March 2023

Free helpline for tech assistance, plans for digital learning platform, and calls for a new government Digital Inclusion Unit

3 min readMarch 30, 2023

RoundupDigital Inclusion News – February 2023

New parliamentary enquiry open for evidence, plus digitisation of NHS deemed “inadequate”

3 min readFebruary 23, 2023
Digital Inclusion Kit - Reports

SpotlightWhite Paper: A plan for digital inclusion in health and social care

The Department of Health and Social care has released a new plan for transforming services.

4 min readJuly 22, 2022

About this toolkit

About this toolkit

When people do not have access to the internet or to computers and mobile devices, they become digitally excluded.

This toolkit is a collaborative resource for local councils and other organisations tackling digital exclusion. Find out how to improve digital access and inclusion in your communities.

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