Increasing digital inclusion for everyone

Use this toolkit to find and share information about tackling digital exclusion in your community. Contribute your own findings and learn from the experience of others.

Developing a digital inclusion programme

How to identify your users, get buy in for your project, win funding and support other organisations to do digital inclusion work.

Chapters: 7

Delivering a digital inclusion programme

Information on delivering different aspects of a digital inclusion programme, including training and device lending schemes.

Chapters: 7

Helping individuals

Understanding the barriers people face to getting online, tablet lending schemes, providing affordable equipment and connectivity.

Chapters: 13

Helping businesses and organisations

Skilling up employees, creating an internet presence and GDPR compliance tips.

Chapters: 5

Digital inclusion in health and care

Working with health and care providers, reducing health inequalities, increasing access to digital health services through digital inclusion.

Chapters: 2

Working inclusively

Taking a furthest first approach to ensure that no-one is 'hard to reach', developing the right interventions with professionals and practitioners, staff and volunteers, and people with lived experience.

Chapters: 3

Useful kit

Computer terms explained, how to choose the right device, setting up a socially distanced workstation and more.

Chapters: 6

Staying safe online

We're sharing the best safeguarding tips we find. Please let us know what works for you.

Chapters: 3

Case studies

We're gathering stories from our own work, and we'd really like to hear yours.

Chapters: 6

What we want to do

Digital inclusion plays a vital role in ensuring people who may be vulnerable and socially isolated are not further disadvantaged by the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

This toolkit serves as a how-to guide on strategies that can be used when tackling digital exclusion in our communities. Drawing initially on the combined experience and learning of Leeds and Croydon councils, the toolkit is a shared resource for any council or organisation, where you can learn from others as well as contributing your own experience.

How to contribute

Your ideas, opinions and knowledge are needed to help grow this toolkit.

You can join in by using the chapter discussion pages, or talk to us about submitting new content.

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