Overcoming the challenges of providing devices to residents

In Croydon we’ve worked hard to overcome the challenges of getting residents online. We’ve provided devices and internet connections to vulnerable people, and those facing financial difficulties. Here’s a summary of what we’ve learned so far – please add your thoughts in the comments.

Cloud tools explained

The days of buying software on a disc and installing it on your computer are fading. Now, most types of software are available on the web – just visit a website, create an account and get going.

Staying safe online – the basics

It’s essential for novice users to understand the risks, and have simple ways to protect themselves without feeling that they have no control over their safety.

Affordable devices and connectivity

TechResort has been working on ways to bring down the cost of devices and connectivity locally. We’re speaking to a local Internet Service Provider, and our Credit Union. Stay tuned for details.

Video tips: Windows, email and Zoom

Everyone needs high quality digital skills, now more than ever. So we’ve started to create free training videos covering the questions we’re asked most.

How to pick the best computer

There’s so many computer options out there, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve created this simple guide to help.

Getting online at home

Lockdown has lead to many more people using the internet at home to complete work, and access vital services remotely. Here’s a handy guide you can share with people who’re getting online at home for the first time.

Computer terms explained

Have you ever been asked to explain a computer term in a way that most will understand? Help is at hand – we use this glossary in all of our work, and it’s come in very handy at times!

Computer, tablet and phone options

TechResort is asked for computer, tablet and phone recommendations all the time. We generally avoid recommending specific kit as depends on the client’s needs, skill level, connectivity and budget. Here’s a few pointers to help you arrive at a good answer for every situation.